HH model X HaoYu Toys 1/6 Pan Jinlian Enchanting Version [HY-EH24001B]

HH model X HaoYu Toys 1/6 Pan Jinlian Enchanting Version [HY-EH24001B]

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Manufacturer Estimated Release, Jan 25th 2025. Date is Subject to Change Without Notice

HH model X HaoYu Toys 1/6 Pan Jinlian Enchanting Version [HY-EH24001B]

HEBE STUDIO collaborates with HAOYU TOYS to release a new 1/6 scale ancient-style articulated doll – “Pan Jinlian (Elegant and Single Version)”
Dimensions: Single figure: 29CM (excluding the base), with Zimei: Height 40CM, Width 25CM, Depth 26CM
Materials: PVC, ABS, PU, real fabric, alloy, etc.

“Her brows resemble willow leaves in early spring, often carrying the sorrow and melancholy of rain. Her face mirrors the peach blossoms of March,
concealing romantic sentiments and unspoken emotions. Her slender waist exudes charm and laziness, reminiscent of the graceful and indolent swallows.
Her seductive speech captivates bees and bewilders butterflies. Her enchanting jade-like appearance and floral charm speak volumes of her elegance and allure.”

PS: The mass production is guaranteed by top factories in the industry, and the lifelike head sculpt is created by the renowned realistic head sculpt artist Xiaoqi,
who oversees the entire production process.

Enchanting Version:
Instruction manual x 1
Collectible card x 1
Reserved head sculpt x 1
Thousand-year head sculpt x 1
Synthetic body x 1
Green outer garment x 1
Pink inner lining x 2
Red outer garment x 2
Pleated skirt x 1
Pleated skirt inner lining x 1
Underwear x 1
Pairs of hands x 6
Rubber shoes x 2
Wooden ruyi scepter x 1
Bamboo fan x 1
Blush box x 1
Dining table x 1
Stools x 2
Fruit platter x 2
Roast chicken x 1
Sake bottle x 1
Sake cup x 2
Chopsticks x 2
Oil lamp x 1
Doll stand x 1


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