[DB002] DarkCrownToys Dark Blood Jeerer Collectible 1:6 Scale Figure

[DB002] DarkCrownToys Dark Blood Jeerer Collectible 1:6 Scale Figure

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DarkCrownToys Dark Blood Jeerer Collectible 1:6 Scale Figure


Products include:

  • 1/6 scale Exquisite Jeerer's Head(Eyes Equipped with Green LED Kit)
  • Ferrite movable joints
  • 6 Different Types of Replaceable Hand Gestures
  • Normal Gesture*2
  • Inducible Gesture
  • Holding Weapon Gesture*2
  • Control puppet Gesture
  • Black Chaotic dress(Lord of chaos' badge on the back of dress)
  • Black Clown Suit
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Skull nail shoulder flower
  • Black Show Cloak
  • Pointed end facial makeup Boots
  • Chaos hammer
  • Chaotic mask
  • Double Snake rune Collar
  • Soul Control Wrister
  • Blade Wrister
  • The Muppets-Chaos boy
  • Unicycle-Chaos vortex(can carry puppet.Bold performance)
  • Soul Mistakes (Luxury Grand Platform with LED Light Emission Kit and Remote Control. Has memory function and adjustable light source intensity making it easy to take pictures & display)
  • Unicycle special platform
  • Special Bonus Gift: “DARK BLOOD” Story Book-The second chapter
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    A great new Boss Character if you're a Mortal Kombat Fan!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 26th 2016

    If I could sum up the Jeerer in just one word, it would be “Spectacular!” This figure is no laughing matter! Think of a cosmic-power Joker or the pure embodiment of Chaotic Neutral. Neither Good nor Bad would want to cross paths with him. The moment I opened the exterior cardboard box to reach the interior packaging, I could tell this was a 1st Class collectible. A good comparison figure I would use is the Hot Toys Samurai Predator. In both examples, it’s not just a case of a figure … or a figure with an awesome base … but a whole artistic presentation and vision. Where you want to display all of it together. This artistic focus is especially evident when unseal the packaging (large sticker seal and magnetic flap) and you look at Chapter Two of the Dark Blood Hellsaints saga. It’s a 52-page artbook the size, thickness, and thick stock of a TPB. On the left page, you’ll have art of a character or a scene. On the right page, you have two translations of the text to accompany the translations. This text can be character bios, dialog between characters, and the progression of the story itself. Layout issues (like overlapping printed characters) in the English translation was one of the only flaws I encountered in the whole delivery. But, I considered that minor as I found the whole approach taken in the artbook to be very fascinating and otherwise well done. It’s not just an introduction to the Jeerer but to his world and the people he knew and encountered. And, establishes his role in the world he exists in. Visually, the character itself is stunning. It’s always nice to see the finished product being as well done as the promotional photos depicted. No surprises here. Just a strong sense of being glad I picked this one up. Being a big Mortal Kombat fan, he has the type of presence befitting a great Boss Character. And, he even has the large hammer as a weapon of choice! The gothic/Victorian styling gives him a great regal look that only makes him that much more impressive and intimidating. He stands as tall as the World Box Scorpion. But, side-by-side, this Dark King visual, to me, makes Jeerer the Master and Scorpion a Disciple. The remote control for the base is a great touch … especially since it includes the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the light in the base. He also has glowing eyes. In normal light, these are very subtle. In low light, they are aimed more to provide an eerie glow that maintains the shadows of his skeletal face rather than being bright like flashlights. The main portion of his head is removable from the lower/neck area for easy access to the button and is held on by a strong magnet. That’s another common feature of this figure that carries over from his packaging to the figure and accessories. The stand for his base connects to his back using a strong magnet so that there aren’t any of the usual hooks or loops. I like that he has accessories that allow for some variation in his appearance … so that one can focus more or less on his past identity Highly recommended.


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