[DAM-GK013] 1:6 DAM TOYS Heart II Benson Gangsters Kingdom Boxed Figure

[DAM-GK013] 1:6 DAM TOYS Heart II Benson Gangsters Kingdom Boxed Figure

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1:6 DAM TOYS Heart II Benson Gangsters Kingdom Boxed Figure


Products Details:

  • Headsculp
  • Action body (Muscle type)
  • Fur coat
  • Black leather pants
  • Black belt
  • Waist chain +The wallet
  • TEC-DC9 machine guns
  • TEC-DC9Long cartridge
  • TEC-DC9Short cartridge
  • Desert eagle pistol+Pistol magazine
  • Knuckle Duster
  • Sunglasses
  • Gold bracelet x2
  • Silver necklace
  • Diamond necklace
  • Golden necklace
  • Leather shoes (one pair)
  • Palm (3)
  • Double sofa
  • The tiger stripes blanket 

Products Background:
Section 1: J's warning    

  2 of Hearts, Benson, lived in the slum area of new York. The lousy environment bred many small gangs. Every day, fights and deaths broke out among these gangs. Growing up in that chaotic neighborhood, Benson became tough and brutal. He fought with other gang members a lot, battering and crippling others for a few dollars. He was well known in the neighborhood. One day, a headhunter for underground boxing clubs discovered his potentials, introduced him to big-named agent Don.   

  Underground boxing matches had their levels. The highest ones were heavily betted by rich people. Don was specialized in operating such high level boxing matches. He had much appreciation in Benson’s excellent physical condition and tough character. Based on many years of experiences, Don saw a rising king in Benson. After two years of careful training, Benson officially became an underground boxer. 

  Resorted to his strong physical condition and fierce technique, Benson soon earned his name in boxing, and started to win large sum of bets. In the 6 years that he dominated the boxing world, not once did he lose. Benson got lots of money and fame, which made his ego inflated. He got drunk in a party and raped a waitress. The beast burst inside him when the girl resisted as hard as she could. He hurt the girl severely, which led to a two-year trial and his final incarceration. Benson spent all his money to get the sentence reduced down to 10 years. His left arm was broken by fellow prisoners. This put an end to his boxing life. Poverty found him again after he got out of prison.  

  Covered in debts, Benson found Don and begged for his help. Don took him in and made some arrangements. Benson worked as Don’s assistant and a practice partner in the training fields. While Don’s health declined as he was getting older and older, Benson started to run the boxing business. Since he had lost his fight in matches, Benson put every effort in training new boxers. Several years later, he brought up a few excellent boxers. The boxing club restored its old glory and attracted quite some high rollers. The Heart family paid their interest into the club during this time, and kept Benson running this successful business. Since Benson was led into the family not for long, he only ranked as 2 of Heart. He started to have opinions about his ranking. 

Recently, a small gang always hung out side of Benson’s club. Most of them were Mexicans. They brought robberies and injuries to the club, which led to the loss of clients. Benson was furious. He had his man caught 3 of these punks and brought them into his garage-transformed training field. Sitting on the couch and fiddling with a captured gold-plated TEC-9, Benson stared at those punks kneeling down in front of him. He had his own special way of punishment. He asked his man to cover those punks with gloves and helmets, set them on the field as practice targets for his boxers. This way he had human punch bags for free, yet he could observe if any of them had potentials as a boxer. 

  Human punch bags always ended in misery. After they were knocked down on the ground, the only thing they would get was a bullet. Only these blood-shed punishments could jog Benson’s memories and sentiments.   “Digging up the past again, Benson.” A figure walked out of the shadow of the door.   Benson held on to the TEC-9, while his other hand reached out for his Desert Eagle. He sat up and stared at the figure. “So you are not dead.”   “Your way of punishment hasn’t changed.” Ogier, who appeared from the darkness, did not answer him.    Benson wrapped his finger around the trigger, “You killed little Billy and Reyes. You’d better get out of here.”     Ogier walked in front of a punch bag, threw a few punches, then turned back and kicked the bag away.    “Seems that legs are stronger than fists after all.” Ogier said.    Benson was tensed, glaring at Ogier.    “I don’t have no time to waste on you. Get out.”   Ogier raised his hands. Then he gave a signal, slowly reached to his pocket. Benson and his guys grasped their guns with alert. “Give this to 10 of Hearts for me. You guys better not to get into this. This is between me and K of Hearts. He owed me.” Ogier took a card from his pocket and threw it to Benson. Benson caught it and saw that it was a fine-printed card of 10 of Hearts, with gold-plated edges. He put down the gun in his hand. Ogier turned back and disappeared into the darkness. Benson stared at his back with murderous look in his eyes, gnashing his teeth. “Bang, Bang! Bang!”, Benson gunned down those three punks. 


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