DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Extra Chapter Nell 1/6 Figure [DAM-GK005]

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Extra Chapter Nell 1/6 Figure [DAM-GK005]

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DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Extra Chapter Nell 1/6 Figure [DAM-GK005]

Extra: Neel and Saxons

All the sin, greed, desire, power, wealth and confession will be buried deep under the earth. Good luck, grateful one.

Neil, as the founder of the Clover gang, has long-term plans for the future of the Club family. He hopes that the Club will become stronger and stronger to compete with other families, but this requires not only a lot of manpower but also a lot of money.
Neil and Saxon first met in an antique gun auction. They both have a hobby of collecting antique firearms, which contributed to the acquaintance of the two. In early years they had good cooperation and gradually established a friendship. Saxon in his peak years had also looked after Neil. After Saxon was imprisoned, Neil often went to prison to visit him and gave him a lot of care and protection. He also took Saxon’s only remaining illegitimate child into protection, as well as Saxon’s favourite bully dog: Wade.
Saxon knows what Neil wants, and vice versa. However, the hatred between Saxon and K of Spade as well as Neil and Ogier’s mentorship has left Neil in a dilemma. The solution he could think of would be that K of Spade die before Saxon and then support Ogier to take over the family, but it seems that the time is running out.
Recently, Neil learnt that Saxon’s illness has worsened, so he brought Saxon’s dog to visit him in prison. The meeting was arranged in a special room. Saxon was helped to sit down by the prison guards, looking very haggard and coughing: his body was very weak. Saxon watched Wade slowly crawling over and lowered himself with great difficulty to stroke his beloved dog, as old as it was. Weakly and softly, he said: “Wade, you are also old. I may have to leave first”.
“Wade is 20 years old, the equivalent of a human’s hundred. It seemed to me that he was on his way out as well, so I brought him here to meet you, old friend.” Neil spoke slowly.
“I remember the first time I met him was in a small village in Mexico. I was being hunted. I was hiding in a house in the village and that’s where I met Wade. He was born not long ago and had just learnt to run. At that time, he was timid and always trying to hide. After I escaped, all the people in that village were slaughtered, but Wade hid away, and I brought him with me after returned to the village. I also took him back a few times before I went to prison to see if he still had memories of the familiar yet strange village.” Saxon took Wade in his arms and stroked it gently; memories of the past were unfolding.
“He has left for too long to remember the smell of his old owner.” Neil replied back.
“The first time I took him back, I hid one of his favourite bones under his master’s tombstone, and he found it. Huh, the little guy only remembers something when he needs it.” Saxon smiled bitterly looking over at old Wade.
“I buried everyone from that village, but there were no names on the headstones. I don’t know any of their names, but I also put up one for Wade, and I hope that he will return to his owner in his last days. Maybe that will put some peace in me.” Saxon recounted with a sigh.
“I remember you mentioning that village to me before, I will take him back and let Wade rest in peace there.” Neil replied after a moment’s hesitation as if he sensed something.

“I’m so tired. It feels like every night I go to bed is like a farewell only to wake up the next day and realise that Death is always late. Maybe he’s waiting for someone to pay for my boat ticket.” Saxon slowly raised his head kept coughing and looked over at Neil.
Visiting hours were up and the prison guards began to urge.
“Old friend, I’ll say hello to the Grim Reaper and let you rest in peace.” Neil nodded his head at Saxon, put on his top hat, got up and slowly carried off old Wade.
Saxon looked at Neil’s back and closed his eyes in silence, as if his coughing had stopped for the moment. He slowly uttered the words, “Good luck, Grateful One”.
Neil turned back and stared at Saxon’s smiling face for a moment and then turned away.
In front of a remote and deserted village on the outskirts of Mexico, the place was overgrown with weeds, which hadn’t been taken care of for a long time. The graveyard in front of a dilapidated church was strewn with tombstones of different shapes and sizes, all of which had no words on them, just like a bunch of lonely souls wandering around, waiting for guidance. Neil carried old Wade down from the car, and the old dog creeped with struggle to sniff the smells in the graveyard. It seemed that the place hadn’t had a familiar smell for a long time.
Neil followed the slow crawling Wade, while looking around. In front of one of the tombstones, Wade stopped. It circled around the stone for a few times and then began to dig the soil slowly and laboriously with its claws. Neil signaled his men to go and help, and they began to dig the soil quickly with their daggers. After digging deeply for about 40 centimetres, a line of shallow writing carved on the tombstone was slowly revealed, and Neil leaned down to look at it. After pushed aside the mud and weeds, Neil saw a line of words written in Latin, ” All the sin, greed, desire, power, wealth and confession will be buried deep under the earth. Good luck, grateful one.”
Word of Neil’s visit to Saxon soon reached the ears of the Diamonds and the Hearts family, and both sides started to move quickly.

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