Virtual Toys 1/6 Kenshi Normal Version Figure [VM-043A]

Virtual Toys 1/6 Kenshi Normal Version Figure [VM-043A]

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Virtual Toys 1/6 Kenshi Normal Version Figure [VM-043A]

Presenting to you two different character designs.
The first is the normal version, which presents clean costume in normal state. We have made a head sculpt faithful to the actor's likeness, including unique facial features and iconic scars. Secondly, we have recreated the fluffy long hair, and also made two different styles of hair ends, so you can better pose the figure in various styles.
The costume might be simple but really tested patternmaking. We studied the structure of Japanese clothing, displaying its appearance without affecting poseability.

As for the special weapon Sakabatō (Reverse-Blade), we faithfully created the reverse blade with alloy to recreate its exquisiteness.
In addition, we also equipped the character with a skewer of dango, which he was holding when first seen in the movie.
This item received a major upgrade for the forearms and hands. In consideration of the unsightly exposed joints of traditional arm and wrist, we have specially developed new arms with connected hands and forearms. The skin texture, blood vessels, tendons and other details on them are clearly made, which greatly improves overall aesthetics.

Another highlight of the normal version is the special base. With design taken from the first movie, this is the first mass production of such special and complex scene of bamboos and bamboo leaves. We hope this mass-produced product can bring you the sophistication of custom-made base. On the base are the different shapes of the Buddha statue and lamp post which are also full of details.

The 1/6th Kenshi Collectible Figure’s special features:
-Exquisite realistic head sculpt (with two types of hair ends)
-Muscular highly poseable body
-Special hand with forearm (L+R, 8 in total)

-Dark underwear
-Bright red coat
-Light grey hakama
-Tabi socks

-Alloy Sakabatō (Reverse-Blade)

-Bamboo Leaves Base


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