[OE-ROCKETEER] ORIGINAL EFFECT - 1/6 Killer Paradise Rocketeer Action Figure

[OE-ROCKETEER] ORIGINAL EFFECT - 1/6 Killer Paradise Rocketeer Action Figure

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ORIGINAL EFFECT - 1/6 Killer Paradise Rocketeer Action Figure


Products include: 

  • Head *1
  • Anorak *1
  • Goggles *1
  • Black singlet *1
  • Cargo pants *1
  • Boots *1 pair
  • Grenade Lanyard *1
  • Single belt backpack *1
  • Rocket launcher *1
  • Rocket propelled grenade *4
  • Antitank grenade *8
  • knife-holding hand *1 pair
  • Gun-holding hand *1 Pair
  • Normal hand *1 pair
  • Clenching hand *1 pair
  • Modelling hand *1 pair
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    OE Roketeer short review

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 20th 2015

    Pretty happy with this figure. Not perfect like the po pics, here are the issues:

    Googles are clear with some clear orange sprayed on. SO yes you can see her eyes. Some may like this. I don't.

    Grenades don't attach firmly to holsters(or whatever they're called). They fall off all the time if figure is moved. Other than that, they just hang.

    Here coat does not have button up like they show in the pixs where the top is closed and the bottom is opened out. Zipper is on the bottom so the getting the top to close requires manual material friction and luck.

    Her button mouth cover(or whatever it's called) can't be adjusted enough like they are in the pics. It's very hard to get it to cover her mouth. There's also a gap underneath if pulled up too high revealing the zippers. So no cool poses with half her face covered like in the pics.

    Rocket Launcher is a bit heavy and sturdy. This good and bad since it wear out the friction of the hand joints that hold them.

    Other than that. I feel this is OE's best figure so far. Because why not wear high heels while blowing stuff up right?


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