[MC-F049B] MC Toys Leather Lingerie Set B for Female Action Figure Dolls

[MC-F049B] MC Toys Leather Lingerie Set B for Female Action Figure Dolls

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MC Toys Leather Lingerie Set B for Female Action Figure Dolls


Product includes:

  • Leather bra
  • Leather shorts
  • Belt
  • Open chest sweater
  • Black silk stockings
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    Bought it for the sweater

    Posted by Newb doll photographer on Sep 10th 2016

    I bought this for mainly the knit sweater top as they are hard to find. Not really interested in the leather pieces so I have not used them. They look to be a decent quality.

    The sweater fits snugly on a large-bust Phicen, very flattering for her shape with nothing else underneath. The shoulder area bunches up a bit because of the seems for the "chest window". I wish the chest window wasn't there. Fortunately it is almost closed on the model (when no other clothing underneath) so it doesn't look too bad. It's only open as shown in the photos if you pull the sweater down really low around the waist. The sweater naturally ends at the top of the hips. The sleeves easily cover the wrist joints.

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    Looks like a Phicen body displaying the clothing...NOT!

    Posted by Robert Woo on Jan 27th 2016

    Should have read the reviews wen I bought this....crap quality. I have a few versions of the Phicen bodies and these don't look or fit like the ones in the photo. Bra top squishes boobs downwards, creases on sides, sweater seams unglues as you stretch it over body and shorts do not fit without tearing areas where you pull it up. I think the production versions are NOT like the prototype as shown.

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    Not for Phicens.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2015

    Far too tight to fit a Phicen body. You will damage your figure or rip the cloth trying to get it on. Don't waste your money like I did.

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    MC Toys Leather Lingerie Set B - Well done

    Posted by dharris on Jul 25th 2015

    The faux leather pieces are thin but tough. Not like the thick heavy stuff found in other products.
    The reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is the sweater has some hems that are glued not sewn.


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