i8TOYS 1/12 Serene Hound Series Katherine Deluxe Version Figure [i8-72C323S]

i8TOYS 1/12 Serene Hound Series Katherine Deluxe Version Figure [i8-72C323S]

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i8TOYS 1/12 Serene Hound Series Katherine Deluxe Version Figure [i8-72C323S]

Serene Hound Series “Katherine”

Prequel Story: Katherine (i8-72C323D / i8-72C323S)

In a parallel universe, there exists a version different from the real world, where Katherine is only half the height of the real version and a miniature version of the Sorene Hound, AKA “72C323S”.

Facing the same threat of the Worm Witch, Katherine is assigned to complete the extermination mission. The Witch Countermeasure Committee still exists with the mission to track down and eliminate potential threats who worship demons and seek supernatural powers, known as witches. The Serene Hound Troop, as a subordinate of the committee, is a specialized armed force responsible for eliminating witches.

The hiding cave of the Worm Witch is not the first "witch's lair" that Katherine has cleared, but it is the largest one so far. As the scale of the witch's lair grows, the threat becomes more terrifying. During this time, Katherine has deeply experienced how terrifying the twisted and fanatic witches in the dark corners of the Earth can be. Compared to that, her battles as a mercenary with humans were insignificant.

To eliminate the Worm Witch and its familiars, Katherine has almost depleted all her carried ammunition.

However, as she sighed in relief, she discovered a new cave entrance beneath the corpse of the Worm Witch, resembling an abyss devouring the light. Faint, low rustling sounds came from within the cave.

As long as the witch exists, the mission of the Serene Hound Troop will not end. They are the dark spies protecting the humanity society, and hunting hounds of witches. Katherine tightly grips her submachine gun and heads towards the darker depths of the cave.

1/12 Katherine (Serene Hound®) Collectibles Figures Includes:
- Female skeleton body with articulation *1PC
- “Katherine” Head Sculpt Normal expression with hair *1PC
- Hands *8PCS
- White uniform short sleeve shirt *1pc
- Blue uniform suspender skirt *1pc
- Blue sleeve *2pcs
- Blue Thigh stockings *2pcs
- Tactical sling *1pc
- Brown arm guard (built-in) *2pcs
- Green boots (built-in) *2pcs
- Dark grey thigh armor *2pcs
- Gray knee armor *2pcs
- MP7A1 Submachine gun *1pc

(i8-72C323S) Includes:
- Army green hooded coat *1pc

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