[AMT-01] AMtoys 1/6 Female Wonder Warrior Boxed Action Figure

[AMT-01] AMtoys 1/6 Female Wonder Warrior Boxed Action Figure

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AMtoys 1/6 Female Wonder Warrior Boxed Action Figure


Product includes:
  • Wonder warrior head sculpt x 1
  • Female seamless body x 1
  • Wonder warrior clothing suit set x 1
  • Boots x 1
  • Sword x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Rope x 1
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    AMtoys 1/6 Female Wonder Warrior review

    Posted by The Doll Knight on Nov 18th 2017

    Obviously, this is an unlicensed Wonder Woman figure based on Gal Gadot’s appearance in the DCEU films. But how does it stack up to the official products? Honestly, pretty well.

    First, you’re getting a durable silicone-on-steel-skeleton TBLeague-type body, instead of Hot Toys’ perennial experiments in rubber degradation, and that is a lot of peace of mind right there. This figure will last a long time if you treat it right. She has multiple hands (with painted fingernails) for everything you’d want her to do. And she has implanted hair, so her head has a full range of motion. If you prefer sculpted hair, you might be disappointed, but if you’re like me, real hair is incredible. I find a few flyaway hairs add immeasurably to the realism of the figure.

    It isn’t as close a likeness as Hot Toys in a number of ways – first, the face isn’t as eerily accurate, and second, her breasts are much, much larger. The first is clearly a flaw; your mileage may vary on the second. Parts of the sculpt – particularly her tiara – are not sharply defined and hurt the figure’s overall appearance. They also saved some money by sculpting her bandolier as part of her cuirass – it does not come off. And her sword looks terrible; like nothing in the movies, and is toy-like in appearance compared to the rest of the figure. Actually, any of the swords that came with the Barbie Wonder Women figures look better. Her shield is nicer, although still inaccurate, and her trusty lariat is represented by a cord with a wire in it for possibility. She also has a comb for fixing her hair, like a Barbie doll.

    But aside from the few issues described above, this is an amazing figure for the money. The details on her costume are incredible. Her bracelets look perfect, and her boots are each made out of three separate pieces – feet, calves, and knee – allowing her complete flexibility in posing, and she holds those poses well. The detail on her cuirass is equally good, and it laces up under her right arm. Her blue skirt is one single piece, over a pair of black panties, to preserve her modesty in high kicks.

    All told, I’m thrilled with this figure. Sure, the official Hot Toys one is probably better. But it’s not $80 better. This ‘Wonder Warrior’ is an amazing value, and will look great next to other DC figures on your shelf.

    Some pictures of her in action:

    On Paradise Island: https://sta.sh/01umkh9t850b
    In the trenches: https://sta.sh/01fijrn6zes0
    Close up: https://sta.sh/0ag7e2txm68
    Fighting: https://sta.sh/0d9910zvwdd

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    Wonder Warrior

    Posted by Mike on Nov 14th 2017

    Good outfit
    Good arm armor
    Good leg armor
    Good figure

    No detail on shield
    No detail on sword
    Head band cast into the head/low detail

    Average head sculpt.

    This is an OK figure, if you want a good "Wonder Warrior" and can't afford what the other makers like Hot Toys charge, then you should really consider this action figure.


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