[PL-LB2014-S09] Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan in Big Bust Size

[PL-LB2014-S09] Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan in Big Bust Size

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Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan in Big Bust Size


Products Background:

PLLB2014-S07, S08 and S09 are the third generation of Female Seamless bodies with Stainless Steel Skeletons which are developed on the basis of the second generation. Compared to its predecessors, the curve of the third generation bodies shows more feminine beauty. The texture of this series of bodies is more human-like. And they are super flexible, and more defined in some part.

Having the stainless steel skeletons inside, which linked by 26 joints, the bodies are super durable and flexible! Each joint is designed to be able to move like a real human being and above 90% of human actions can be posed with ease!

Please note that these PHICEN bodies are not sex toys. They are 1:6th action figures that highly simulate real human beings and produced by using superior materials and sophisticated technology. Thus whether you are a fan of character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply enjoy figure collecting - you will be satisfied with our PHICEN bodies. They are truly high-end art!

More awesome bodies with different shapes on the way, please stay tuned.

Products Details:

  • Seamless body in big bust size
  • Head sculpt
  • Replaceable hands *6pcs/pairs
  • Bikini *1set
  • Stand
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    [PL-LB2014-S09] Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan in Big Bust Size

    Posted by Charles Krout on Jul 9th 2021

    So realistic and detailed. Highly recommend

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    Very impressed!

    Posted by Newb doll photographer on Sep 10th 2016

    My first doll! I do photoshoots with real-life models, and bought this so I can I experiment / practice some posing and lighting ideas.

    I am very impressed by the realism of this doll, wow! The posing options are incredibe. Yes there are some poses that can't be achieved like a real person, but there are also poses that a real person can't do (or hold for very long). I think the main limitations are that the lower arms (below the elbow) and lower legs (below the knee) are too long. For the arms in particular it makes it difficult to place the hands on the head or parts of the body. Also you have to be careful not to bend the elbow or knee too much or you can damage the flesh around the joint.

    There is also an error in the instruction sheets. It shows that the foot can be rotated left/right at the ankle. This is not possible, so the toe can't be pointed as much as desired.

    The model looks tall and very leggy, and has beautiful curvy shape. The breasts are unusually large (for my tastes) but certainly photograph well! ;) The curvy breasts and buttocks will make some clothing difficult / impossible to put on, so you have to shop clothing very carefully. The neck is a little too thick and interferes with tilting the head. It also makes the chin look too small (in side view), but that's a small detail.

    The hair can get unruly and fly all over the place. I spend a lot of time keeping the hair looking neat. Washing it helps.

    I regularly brush baby on the skin powder to control "stickiness" of the skin and prevent dust from sticking. Also makes it easier to put on clothing.

    The skin blush and face makeup rubs off easily so you have to be careful when handling.

    Even though it cannot stand unsupported with these feet, I prefer the look of these attached feet as they are so much more realistic. I wish the hands were also attached, as a lot of time is spent hiding the "ugly" wrist joints.

    I heard many negative comments about the headsculpts on some of the Phicens and people changed them for others. For this specific S09 model, I was very happy to see that the headsculpt is beautiful (in my opinion). Has an eastern-Euro-ish (particular in side view) or native-american look (from the front). I decided to keep it instead of swapping for another.

    Things I would like to see in future Phicen models:
    - Attached hands if possible (no wrist joints).
    - Smaller (thinner) neck for better look and head tilt.
    - Shorter forearms so they have the correct proportion.
    - Ability to point the toe left/right as shown in the instructions but not actually possible.
    - More durable skin blush and face details so they don't rub off so easily.
    - More detail around the ears when the hair is styled back.

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    phicen seamless S09

    Posted by Johnny Daniels Jr on Jun 16th 2016

    placed an order on tuesday and got her today. shes incredible very beautiful phicen figure also this is my first phicen figure and i believe i chose the right place to purchase her. thanks ekia hobbies for the very fast and safe shipping

    will be buying more soon

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    thumbs up

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 27th 2015

    It arrived in great condition. I was very satisfied with the product.

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    The Best Looking So Far

    Posted by Kai on Sep 4th 2015

    I own several of the phicen dolls with new steel body type and their default head sculpts. If you are not quite sure which one to go with initially, I'd recommend this one as she has a face that is more natural looking and best of all, perfectly matches the color of her body. The some of the other dolls do not do this quite as well and the face expression is quite bland in my opinion.

    The body is also of the type that sculpts the private parts (to a degree) instead of just putting a shading on it. This probably won't matter to most as clothes will cover all her body anyway, but nice to know you have options if you're into erotic poses. Lol

    The feet is not removable and you'll initially have a hell of a time looking for footwear and such for this new type of body. The vendors really don't give great details about matching/compatible accessories. That is actually a huge drawback when the items aren't that cheap to experiment on (not to mention most come from overseas).

    The clothings are starting to be more abundant but you will be limited to something that stretches or made EXACTLY for this body type as the limbs are not detachable. The silicon needs to be powdered occasionally, otherwise you'll have hell of a time trying to get things on it as it gets quite sticky overtime. Also beware of dyes that stain the body. Most of the time soap washing will do the trick but I wouldn't put something on it for extended period of time unless you know the clothes won't stain the silicon.

    Kumik has some nice head sculpts but expect to do some custom work if you want the face to match the body or vice versa. Check out one sixth warrior forums before purchasing a face (or body for that matter), as someone may have already gone over the trouble of figuring out the matching/guess game.

    Overall this is a great product to get started on your collection.

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    Color tone

    Posted by Isaac on Mar 4th 2015

    Item is vastly different than its predecessors, one thing that's misleading are the images you see of the figure. Not so much lying just hard to gauge actual color of the skin. In my case i miss judged how dark the skin tone was, I don't really buy these as to collect them more for upgrading it. Like I mentioned the skin tone was darker than the image represented, the description said it was suntanned. So using the images was really hard to guage how dark it really was. I was thinking it was going to be just slightly darker than the taned figure. It turned out to be darker than that. Kind of like a light chocolate color if that makes any sense. I only got this one cause I didn't like the bikini the pale and the tanned one came with, now looking at it I would of said to heck with the clothing and preferred the pale one. Skin aside the fig. Is heavier than its predecessors, also leaner I noticed this especially on the wrists where the skin meets the hand piece, on the older ones the skin looks thicker compared to the hand. On this newer one it almost looks like its one like the feet now are. Joints are real stiff I imagine this will loosen up with continual movement. I would liked to exchange it but its not allowed I guess. All in all its an awesome upgrade as well as cool fig.

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    Better with New S.S. Skeleton than Original But at a Price

    Posted by Robert W on Jan 6th 2015

    Better with New stainless steel skeleton than original version 1 to 4:
    - flexible without risk of too many breakage points compared to original versions 1 to 4
    - better folds during posing of figure
    - expensive
    - stains are impossible to remove without damage to integrity of silicone;
    - suntan color different shade than previous s.s. suntan doesn't go well with HT or clone head sculpts or other Phicen tan or suntan head sculpt;
    - feet non-removable limited selection of footwear and expensive;


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