[PL-LB2014-S07] Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Pale in Big Bust Size

[PL-LB2014-S07] Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Pale in Big Bust Size

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Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Pale in Big Bust Size


Products Background:

PLLB2014-S07, S08 and S09 are the third generation of Female Seamless bodies with Stainless Steel Skeletons which are developed on the basis of the second generation. Compared to its predecessors, the curve of the third generation bodies shows more feminine beauty. The texture of this series of bodies is more human-like. And they are super flexible, and more defined in some part.

Having the stainless steel skeletons inside, which linked by 26 joints, the bodies are super durable and flexible! Each joint is designed to be able to move like a real human being and above 90% of human actions can be posed with ease!

Please note that these PHICEN bodies are not sex toys. They are 1:6th action figures that highly simulate real human beings and produced by using superior materials and sophisticated technology. Thus whether you are a fan of character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply enjoy figure collecting - you will be satisfied with our PHICEN bodies. They are truly high-end art!

More awesome bodies with different shapes on the way, please stay tuned.

Products Details:

  • Seamless body in big bust size
  • Head sculpt
  • Replaceable hands *6pcs/pairs
  • Bikini *1set
  • Stand
  • 5
    Top Notch.

    Posted by david fullam on Nov 29th 2019

    Still the best face and body ever made by Phicen. I honestly own several.

  • 3
    Different breast sizes

    Posted by Bart on Mar 1st 2017

    Got my PL-LB2014-S07 today, a lot sooner than I expected given that it had to be shipped to Australia.

    Beautiful and flexible but... her left breast is visibly smaller than the right one and her feet are slightly bent inwards with her toes sticking up which looks really silly.
    There are also little dents on both her hips and on the sides of her breasts and a line over her back and my guss is that these are from the bikini she came with but the dents have not disappeared after 8 hours out of the box.
    I bought this for drawing purposes and of course I can adjust anything I like in a drawing but for the amount of money I have paid it is a disappointment

  • 5
    An Amazing Female Fiqure

    Posted by Michael on Feb 13th 2017

    All I can say is that this Female Figure is so remarkable and quite amazing in the attention to detail the manufactures have accomplished. The movements, the ease of positioning, the lifelike feel of the body and skin is so anatomically amazing. It is almost like having miniature living woman in front of you. Anyone who loves the female form has to have one of these.

  • 4
    Great New Addition

    Posted by Young on Oct 6th 2015

    I have S09 and S08, and finally getting this completes the set. Like the others, she is very well made and although the color tone is a little too pale for my taste, has a matching head sculpt color-wise. Like the other reviewer here, changing hands should be carefully done. This is actually a flaw in otherwise a perfect doll. The figure cannot stand on its own so it is a bit of an annoyance, but I think the advantages far outweigh any shortcoming this doll has.

  • 4
    Changing the hands

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2015

    It is very beautifully made and the stainless steel skeleton is great but changing/removing the hands can be tricky or to put it in a better term, should be delicately handled otherwise the ball comes off from the joint ( I don't know if other too faced this same issue ? ) Would have rated it 5 stars if I was not facing an issue with changing the hands.

  • 5
    Putting it bluntly, she's beautiful.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2015

    The new large breasted Phicens with the stainless steel skeletons are incredible. And this lovely lady may indeed be the prettiest of the bunch. A simply stunning body and face.

  • 5
    Best Phicen Yet!!

    Posted by Tracy W. Gonzalez on Jan 9th 2015

    Her joints may be a little tight when you first move her, but she holds poses better and unlike the previous large bust version, her body is overall smaller and leaner, smaller hips, bust, leaner legs and waist. Her skin does not bunch too much and does not leave too many lines if in a bent pose.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 7th 2015

    Much improvement than the previous versions. Fully articulated w/o the worries of damage limbs anymore. Quiet when posing and great for photoshoots. Phicen really listens to us collectors this time w/ their newly improved headsculpts too(Nice). Is this SS bodies really expensive? Anyway, keep it up Phicen and next will be SHI..Oh BTW for Adults only( great work too in the PP). I want to see in the future is the silicon headsculpts like a real face that is soft and easy to apply make-up for photoshoots.

  • 4
    Better with New S.S. Skeleton than Original

    Posted by Robert W on Jan 6th 2015

    Better with New stainless steel skeleton than original version 1 to 4:
    - flexible without risk of too many breakage points compared to original versions 1 to 4
    - better folds during posing of figure
    - expensive
    - stains are impossible to remove without damage to integrity of silicone;
    - pale color different shade than previous making it harder to find matching skin tone head sculpt;
    - feet non-removable limited selection of footwear and expensive;


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